All of us at New Village are incredibly thankful for the trust you have placed in our ability to help our students create a positive life trajectory. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

CREDIT CARD contributions to the school via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal are welcome and can be made via our secure online payment options above.

PAYMENTS BY CHECK have no added fees for us, and may be mailed directly to the school. If you choose this option, please make checks payable to New Village Girls Academy:
New Village Girls Academy
147 N. Occidental Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Attn: Jennifer Quinones, Principal

STOCK OR OTHER SECURITIES: Please provide your broker or financial institution with the following information:
Receiving Institution: City National Securities
Account Name: New Village Charter School, Inc
Account #: We will provide our account number by telephone or text. Please contact Ana Aguirre at (323) 205-5344
DTC#: 0226
Please notify New Village of your donation; otherwise we will not know who it is from. Please notify us at or (323) 205-5344 when you transfer stock or other securities and provide the following information:
Name of Stock or Other Securities
Number of Shares or Amount of Other Securities
Your Name & Email or Address

IRA CONTRIBUTION: Individuals ages 70½+ may direct gifts to charitable organizations from their individual Retirement Account (IRA) without the withdrawal being treated as taxable income and counted toward your Required Minimum Distribution. Contact your IRA custodian and request a Qualified Charitable Distribution.
Payable to: New Village Girls Academy
Mail to: New Village Girls Academy, 147 N. Occidental Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

CONTRIBUTION THROUGH YOUR WILL: Call (323) 205-5344 to leave a gift in your will, beneficiary designation, or charitable gift annuity.

We greatly appreciate your support of any amount!

Donations are generally tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes, subject to the rules and limitations of the Internal Revenue Code.
New Village tax ID number is 59-3810480

Please contact with any questions or if you encounter any difficulty with your donation. Thank you.